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  • X-Lounger Rechargeable USB Air Pump review

    We have a raised height air bed and the pump came with it broken down recently. Since then we were out looking for a replacement pump. Only criteria for me was a compact sized pump that powered from a 12V supply, so that I can use outdoors as well.

    MAX PUMP - the one I bought from Amazon is not only very tiny but comes with builtin rechargeable battery. The battery is charged from 5V USB adapter.  These are just enough to inflate your air beds, makeshift pools, inflatable boats & large balloons.

    Comes with plenty of nozzles for all your needs. Whilst running, the pump is bit noisy but pushes out lot of air. The pump can also be used to deflate air. One thing I noticed is that smaller nozzle can be used to clear off the dust from keyboard or inside the computer.

    Only complaint I have is the on-off switch, not sure how long it is going to last. Otherwise all pretty well put together. The highlights are recharging & lightweight.

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