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  • CATUO 20000mAh 800A Car Jump Starter review

    Got a Jump starter recently similar to CAUTO jump starter for my Car that failed to start recently. But I had to use it to for another DIY project that need 12V DC supply.  Decided to get one as it has decent specs and semi-future proof, just in case if I decide to upgrade my car. Did my research on Amazon and got this one as I thought it will have plenty of power for my current 1.5L diesel engine. 800A peak power should be enough for larger engines too.

    Tried on my car 1.5L Stop/Start diesel engine, which works perfectly so I assume petrol cars have no problems for a jump start. Very handy little device can be stored in glove box with a number of functionalities. You can top up the charge from 12 Volt socket, but once in a while using A/c charging keeps battery healthy.

    There are 2x 2.4A USB outputs for charging tablets / smartphones which is also handy (tested both features, but haven't seen the fast charging message on my Samsung S6 still fast enough). There are several adapters included to charge different laptops, but that is useful for any 12v / 24v electrical devices, Also the pack has a built in flash / SOS light.

    One of the reason for getting this one in particular is due to the quality of jump start lead. I heard many stories of poor leads that includes in higher spec jump starters. The unit is built from gloss black ABS plastic which will surely attracts fingerprints and dust. Similar to a large power brick, with all the ports / sockets / buttons tastefully placed.
    20000mAh & 800A power
    Other than the Jump Starter, pack includes a semi-rigid Storage Case, Jump starter cables, power adapter, cigarette lighter charger, Cigarette light socket and user manual. Some jump starter I tested earlier shown some level of heat on the jump starter cable but the cable included with CAUTO looks and feel fine .

    Overall a very good charger, with plenty of uses including charging laptops but not MacBooks. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look.

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