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  • AUKEY AudioLink Bluetooth & Wireless Multi-Room Sound Speaker System

    AUKEY AudioLink - this is not just another bluetooth speaker, but able to interconnect between multiple speakers up to 7. The master speaker connects to audio source via bluetooth and rest of the speakers connect to master speaker via 5.8gHz WiFi connection.

    As a single bluetooth speaker it’s not cheap.Still worth considering the build quality, 20watts power, different sound settings though not exactly an equaliser set up and very open sound. Speaker has IPX5 weather proofing for taking it outdoors.

    Comes pre-charged, effortless single touch pairing - put Hotel California - The Eagles for a spin. This has one of the finest recordings in my collection to test the openness of an Amp / Speaker combination. All the richness, sheer power, emotions, vocal colour & guitar string delicate sound reflected through the AUKEY Audiolink speaker without much difference comparing to some of the best bluetooth speakers I own. All you need to do is to make sure, the speaker is in your ear level and has some isolation between speaker and desk.

    Again came back with some classical music to see how it performs. Played all Chopin etudes Opus 10 in one go. Once again some great performances there, with rich, open and warm sonic signature. Other than the etudes, Nocturne in C Sharp minor is nostalgic in many ways, the little speaker reproduced all the emotions that I seek from that music - considering the size and weather proof metal grills.

    Back to technology, a self contained tiny speaker almost the size of a sandwich box. Comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and handsfree connectivity. 4000mAh battery gives you plenty of juice for several hours of playing. Bass reflex / passive radiators gives you bit of extra bass that you seek.

    Few tips:

    a. Keep the speaker in ear level for a more open sound.
    b. Putting in vertical position somewhat limits the stereo image.
    c. Just to be aware the limitation of tiny speakers ability of bass reproduction, particularly for those who are bassheads.

    Before I conclude, most of this review covers single speaker but you have a choice of syncing up to 7 speakers. The main speaker connects to other speakers by creating its own wireless connection. Master speaker functions as handsfree speaker, but not slave speakers. 2 speaker can act as a stereo setup.

    Overall great speakers with a wonderful look and finish. 4000mAh battery is not the best in the class but just enough for 8 hours or so. Please check out the pictures if you wish to see a closer real life look.

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