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  • Koyoso Car Number Plate Holder with Rear View Camera & Parking Sensors - review

    Car reversing (or parking) sensors - a must have these days when you live in a busy street or town with many vehicles. I never had parking sensors until early 2000s but now I cannot live without it.

    When I got the last car, it didn’t had the reversing sensor or camera fitted from factory. Car was on PCP (Personal contract purchase) and needed the brokers & finance company’s approval before fitting an aftermarket sensor pack. The pack itself costs me around £100 and then fitting charges of £175 or so.

    The sensors goes on to the bumper is the most popular even now, but the pack I recently got to test are integrated to number plate. This may not be 100% accurate as the sensors on bumpers, particularly around corners. But the biggest advantage is the convenience and easiness to fit without the need of drilling holes into bumper.

    Comes in the pack - a decent quality number plate holder built from ABS plastic finished in matt black. In the centre of the plate, you have a camera attached and on both sides of the plate - the sensors can be attached. The plate is slightly curved around the edges, so the sensor covers a fair bit of corners too. All the wiring goes behind the number plate and through the holes where the number plate light wiring comes out.

    You may have to tap into any power source that comes alive when the reverse gear is engaged, which includes reverse light. This feed can be used for Camera & Sensor box. All the wiring is self explanatory and well documented in leaflet. All the cables have enough length to run back to front. Display monitor is not supplied, otherwise everything else is included in the pack.

    There is a tiny speaker included in the pack. This need to be attached to sensor box for audible warnings, when you are closer to an object. The distance between car and the obstacle can be identified based on the nature of audible warning and some practice. Overall a very decent kit at a very affordable price for those don’t want to directly drill into bumper.

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