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  • AUKEY Bass Station Bluetooth Speaker with Subwoofer - Review

    I’ve seen and used a variety of bluetooth speakers from Amazon, but this speaker looks very different and tiny comparing to the others I’ve seen. The highlight is modular structure with a full range small unit and a separate subwoofer.

    The subwoofer need to be wired to electric socket permanently, that means the full unit is not portable. This is a down firing ported subwoofer with power switch in the back. The construction is from some kind of wood but very light weight. The design is very upright, so only takes very minimal footprint on the desk / floor.

    The main speaker is like any other standard bluetooth speaker. Comes with rechargeable batteries built in. The speaker itself is very decent quality and very open sound, but for extra depth or bass, the unit can be placed on top of subwoofer. Both the speaker and subwoofer and contact terminals where the audio signal extends from speaker to subwoofer.
    Unique design & Decent build quality
    There is clearly some improvement in lower frequencies, but the subwoofer unit need a lot more power to push the driver hard. More likely a prototype design, that has great potential with some design / technical improvements. I still think AUKEY Eclipse is a better audio speaker in terms of sonic quality and extension.

    The subwoofer has 10Watts amp built in and the satellite speaker unit is powered by 2x 7.5Watts speakers. The Speaker unit holds power up to 8 hours or so from battery. Overall decent speaker with a clean and elegant look, but fall short of expectation in terms of bass reproduction. Please check out the pictures if you wish to see a closer real life look.

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