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  • Excelvan 45W 225 SMD LED Grow Light review

    LED Grow lights become so popular and preferred choice over fluorescent or HID lighting due to lot of factors including low electricity consumption, higher wattage and runs cool. Cheaper than many other similar products, but really good quality and adheres to all the latest standards.

    Excelvan Grow light panel is powered with 225 pieces of SMD totalling 45 watts fixed into a metal case. The metal casing is very solid and finished in silver colour.  Coverage area varies based on the height of the lamp. The unit is supplied with accessories and wires to hang from ceiling

    I’ve been using it for past 2 weeks or so. Plants are healthy and can see the light cut through the leaves. Power consumption is mostly accurate and around 45 watts. I’ve kept it little higher than the recommended height, so far all good. Just a warning, please do not look into the lamp while turning on, or use sunglasses as the light is too bright to look into.

    Comes in a well protected box the light unit, power cable and hanging chain / hook. All very well put together and seems very durable. Whilst hanging I did a DIY mod by attaching pulleys to ceiling, so the height can be easily adjusted.

    Overall a very effect panel as grow light without paying a premium price. Suitable for compact areas. I’ve mentioned elsewhere, do not look into the lamp whilst switching on unless you set the dimmer to lowest position. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look.

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