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  • AUKEY Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Micro SD Slot Review

    This is the smallest speaker I’ve ever tested. What I was expecting is a cute speaker with decent build quality and better audio quality than my smartphone or Echo Dot. What surprised me is the quality of the audio with added bonus of a Micro SD card slot and FM Radio.

    Just little taller than Echo Dot or half the size of a coke can, AUKEY SK-M31 is a well built speaker with all the characterictics of a good audio product. The unit has an upward firing speaker which gives full spectrum of audio.

    The speaker has 5 watts power, but what matters the most is full range of audio including the lower frequencies which is very hard to reproduce in a speaker of this size. Leaving out all the electronics, there is only little space for shaping up the audio that pushed by a tiny driver. Still you can hear the full audio range.

    Sits beautifully on desk, blends in easily with other gadgets or devices on desk. I’m not sure the casing is actual metal, but definitely clean and beautiful. In the box a Micro USB charging cable and manual included.
    Big Sound in small package
    Back to technology, the speaker comes with Bluetooth 4.2 profile and supports a variety of other inputs including 3.5mm input and a Micro SD card slot. There is no NFC pairing included. Bluetooth pairing is almost instant. Not accurately tested, but with heavy listening at loud audio levels the speaker survives though 1-2 days without charging.

    Overall great speakers with a clean and elegant look. Please check out the pictures if you wish to see a closer real life look.

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