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  • Excelvan K28 Dual Wireless Microphone kit

    K28 Dual Wireless Microphone kit - This is a fun kit that can be used in variety of situations. Perfect for Conferences & Seminars where you need to pass around microphones for taking questions from audiences. Ideal for non professional music performances or even as Karaoke setup in home

    Setting up and connection is simple and overall quality is great for its intended use. The microphones are mainly targeted for Karaoke performances, Conferences or just to sing for fun with a bit of voice effects. But please do not compare to high end dynamic microphones like legendary Shure SM7B, Sennheiser MD441 or similar.

    These are UHF wireless microphones that support up to 25 channels on each unit. The receiver unit accepts 2 microphones (supplied) at the same time. The receiver accepts line and bluetooth input for playing backing tracks. The unit can be connected to external amplifier or powered speaker (also known as active speaker) for output. The connection process is simple and solid though bluetooth connection has very minor delay. Please note that line input and bluetooth will not work at the same time.

    Microphones are very well built and user serviceable just in case if a fault develop after the warranty period. The microphone has 2 layer of pop filter and microphone cartridge is easily removable / replaceable. Unit takes 2x AA batteries to power the transmitter. Please note that you need the receiver unit in all the scenarios as the microphone transmits only UHF frequencies. The receiver box is made of aluminium and contains individual levels for microphone & line input and output.
    Decent build quality, features and range
    In the box you get everything you need including the cables. The receiver box needs 5V supply - only the USB cable is supplied, you have to use your own USB wall adapter. Audio cables are included. Colour coded anti-skid rings are supplied for microphones as well. Overall a great gadget with great build quality for a variety of use. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look.

    Size comparison to legendary Sennheiser MD441 dynamic Microphone

    Comparing to handcrafted £800 Condenser microphone

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