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  • Teclast X80 Pro 8" Windows 10 & Android 5.1 Dual OS Tablet review

    I was in the market for an 8” Tablet as my trusty old Nexus tablet no longer charges via Micro USB port and the iPad I’ve is little on the larger side for many uses. The name Teclast popped up every where whilst doing my research for a budget laptop. I’ve finally shortlisted Teclast X80 Plus or Pro in my under £80 tablet hunt, but finally decided to go with Pro model due to the 1920x1200 screen.

    For an £80 tablet, this is fairly decent built laptop. The bezels are fairly thin, very minimalistic in design with just the power and volume rocker button on the right side. On the top you have a Micro USB charging port, HDMI display out and headphone jack. And on the right there is an expandable micro SD card slot. And the back cover is polycarbonate textured plastic cover. This is much better solution than glossy black cover which are prone to scratches.

    Screen resolution is 1920x1200, which is pretty decent. The colour reproduction is not the best but surely acceptable. The brightness of the display great indoors but on a sunny day in outdoors this may not give the best results. Luckily there is no light bleed as some of users reported on Plus versions.
    Windows 10 & Android 5.1 OS
    The tablet is powered by Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 quad core processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. Intel GPU is powerful enough for an average user for heavy usage and light gaming. The tablet has front and back Cameras, built in mic for SKYPE or other communication apps and a micro HDMI slot for display out. The unit also supports USB OTG.

    In my opinion only let down is the battery capacity and usage time. For a heavy user, you can survive through 5 hours or so before a recharge. The battery capacity is 3800mAh, charged from 2A USB adapter via micro USB slot. Included in the box, the tablet, wall charger, micro USB cable, pre-installed screen protector and a USB OTG cable.

    + Dual boot system (Windows 10 & Android 5.1)
    + 1920 x 1200 screen resolution
    + Polycarbonate construction with textured back
    + Expandable Storage, USB OTG & micro HDMI support
    + Compact size for an 8” tablet

    - Battery capacity
    - Screen brightness in sunlight

    And software side of things, the tablet comes with dual boot feature including Android 5.1 and Windows 10. Android system looks clean but comes with fair amount of bloatware, once you clean up everything the tablet will be much quicker. I only plan to use Android, but I’m sure Windows 10 will come in handy for apps / installs that only supports windows OS

    Overall a budget tablet with all the features you need for daily use assuming you are not a heavy gamer. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look.

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