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  • Masione Internal Solar Tire Pressure Monitoring System review

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - one less thing to worry, when get into the car! No need for frequent visits to petrol stations or even taking out your own pressure gauge, unscrew the dust caps and test all 4 tires.

    There are 2 types of sensors - Internal and external. Installation of external sensors are easy, but there are disadvantages including it directly screws on to valve and that may cause air leakage if not fitted correctly. Also, if you need to refill, you have to remove the sensor and that need special removal tool, so make sure you keep it in the car.

    Internal sensor installation needed Tyre removal. Again if the batteries needed replacement, the tyre need to be removed. But that’s all you need to worry about. Its exactly like replacing the existing valve, but with bit of complexity. Each corner takes around 15 minutes or so. Moderate to advanced DIY skills needed, Each sensor weighs approximately 20grams, so you may need rebalancing the tyres after fitting the sensor.

    You have to deflate the tyre, break the seal on the side where the valve is. Cut down the valve and fit the sensor from inside, large nut and washer should be fixed front outside. Then you can inflate the tyre as you normally do and fit the dust cap. Each sensor unit is pre-programmed to receiver unit and has signs on which corner it should be fitted.
    Internal sensors - replaces current valve
    The receiver unit displays pressure and temperature in real time. Ideally the unit should be powered from a USB but this one gets power from solar panel top. So you have place the unit somewhere day light directly hits on the top. The unit is made of ABS / Hard plastic and in matt black finish. The unit can be set for warning light or audio beeps when the pressure is too high or low and the values can be adjusted based on your needs.

    Overall this is a very decent and competitively priced internal TPMS system, though installation may need some level of skill. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look.

    Receiver unit need sunlight

     Internal and External sensor (This pack only comes with internal sensor)

     The large sensor & valve goes inside the rim

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