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  • Aglaia Spotlight with Motion Sensor review

    Battery powered spotlight - this is one of the best selling light in Amazon-UK. Mr. Beams are still the top sellers, but these days similar styled lights are supplied by many sellers at a lower cost at same or even better quality

    Aglaia LT-W20 has exactly the same style and fitment to my Mr. Beams (2 LED version) spot light that bought an year ago. The light unit is weather proof, but make sure not to lose the silicone ring on the thread. Mounting on to wall is easy with supplied wall plugs and screws.

    The unit takes 4 D batteries, ideally a set of decent Alkaline batteries and could last up to 6 months or so (based on my personal experience with other brand). 600 lumens of brightness is plenty enough to light up medium sized areas, though the motion sensor will activate only when it sees a subject within 3 meters or less.

    Comes in the box, the LED light unit,  manual and screws to wall mount.  This is a very good alternative to solar security lights that never works in Winter. If you have several solar lights installed around home, this could be a good backup light for winter.

    Overall great light, that has good spread and weather proofing. Only point to note is that the unit needs D-batteries. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look

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