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  • Kealive Rechargeable Hair Clippers review

    Owning a decent Hair clipper at home saves a lot of money, especially when you have children. I currently have a Wahl hair clipper but very old and in need of replacement. Luckily Kealive offered me their recently launched hair clipper to test out.

    Kealive Hair clippers are better than the cheap ones you find in many stores but do not match the standard of high end Philips or Wahl. This is a compromise between convenience, price and ease of use. I’m a big fan of wired (direct power) clippers as never felt the same speed with wireless clippers.

    Tested on my dad’s head who has moderately dense thin hair - the blade slides and cut through accurately without much struggle. But I think thick hair might be a problem for the blade. Cuts are mostly precise and effortless. I’ve used the shortest comb attachment.

    Charge capacity is not tested, but judging the supplied adapter I’d think the the clipper has 2x 1.5v rechargeable batteries. The docking station with attached power adapter act as charging station, which also protect the blade. The shiny body of clipper is fingerprint and dust magnet, so you need a clean wipe after use.

    The clipper blades are ceramic, 2 speed settings and comes with 4 comb attachments. Also included a cleaning brush. The clipper can be washed under running tap. This is quieter than wired high power clippers.

    Overall a decent clipper for home or more specifically perfect for travel. Please do checkout the pictures for a closer look.

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