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  • Homdox Plus 500 Watts Blender review

    In our household we only have a high powered hand blender & NutriBullet style blender. Both functions and tackles very well all the daily duties without taking up lot of space on worktop / cabinet. But circumstances changed and in need of large blender with some specific demands.

    Many blenders that I shortlisted were either too tall or has plastic jugs. If the blender cannot get into the space between worktop and under the wall cabinet, it will be inconvenient and often dangerous. We also needed proper glass jug for various reasons.

    Homdox Plus blender met all those demands without a hefty price tag. Small trade off is 500watts motor, which is low powered comparing to the current ones we have. Nothing fancy in the pack - just the blender and 1.5 litre glass jug. I actually prefer that way, less headache to worry about accessories.
    Glass Jug & 500 Watts motor
    In action - little noisier than I expect from a 500watts motor, but I guess that’s because of the large jug. There are 2 speed settings and a pulse button (variable speed?). The blade is sharp enough to cut through fruits and vegetables. Grinding is bit difficult mainly due to the large sized jug.

    The blade is detachable from the jug for cleaning. The top lid of the jug sits tight and of decent quality. Overall a decent blender with a heavy glass jug. Please do checkout the pictures for a closer look.

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