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  • AUKEY Ora iPhone 7 Lens Kit review

    I’ve seen, tested and reviewed many mobile phone camera lenses in the past. Some of them were really good, some just worked impressively well from a broader perspective, but this lens is a serious step up from everything I’ve seen.

    But targeting a selected audience - iPhone 7 users. The supplied mount is only suitable on iPhone 7 Surprised the product hasn’t mentioned about the build quality, I’ve to say this is on par or even better than some of the great glasses I’ve used.

    The supplied mount has a standard tripod mount thread, so it can be used on tripod for night time shots or HDR shots. Both the lenses, lens hood and phone mount is made from high quality metal in matt black finish.
    Wide Angle & Telephoto lens
    2 lenses are included for close up / zoom and wide angle shots. I’ve used similar quality zoom lenses but this kit includes a very decent telephoto lens which is rare. Many cheap wide angle lens either cast a black circle or distorted image towards the edge. But this lens has none of those issues.

    Overall a great lens kit that can be used in various situations. I hope AUKEY comes up with additional clip choices for other smartphones otherwise this kit is limited to iPhone 7 users. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look.

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