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  • Tomons Wood Swing Arm Desk Lamp review

    Tomons Wood Desk Lamp - this doesn’t need any introduction for sure. Extremely popular lamp and a must have for your super sleek work top. Comes in either White, Green or Black colour. There are 2 different variants of this, the lamp I’ve is the smaller model.

    These are more expensive and almost no features comparing to modern LED desk lamps which has brightness and temperature controls. But you pay the price for the elegance and beauty, but definitely worth in my opinion, especially when you have all white desk setup. The best desk setup in my opinion is IKEA OPPEBY dining table, but I only have a lower end DIY model at the moment.

    The biggest advantage of this lamp over LED desk lamps are the advantage of using Smart bulbs. I use Philips Hue White bulb paired with Samsung smart things and Amazon Alexa. The white dish reflects that light evenly through out, though less brighter light will be pleasing for eyes whilst reading.
    Beautiful wood lamp
    Comes in the box 3 separate parts -  bulb, base and arm. Make sure you look at the picture on the box and follow through for the correct setup. The base and shade is in black colour and the stem of the unit is wood. The power cable is covered in cloth sleeves. The lamp can be adjusted in different positions.

    This is a small sized lamp which takes up some space on the desk. But very beautiful and design oriented, I’d say - so you pay premium price. But in my opinion, it will surely going to have a place on my desk.  Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life situation.

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