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  • ThorFire Scuba Diving Flashlight Torch

    In short, unbelievably bright & variety of applications including just as flash light or under water  light up to a depth of 70 metres. This is a 15V light and batteries need to be charged with separate charger.

    Therefore Diving torch is one of the best built flashlight I’ve ever used. Built from high quality alloy metal in matt black finish and aluminium ring that act as switch. The light is tested underwater up to 100metre and tightened for that purpose, so you may need a strong pair of hands to open it first. You don’t need to tighten to that level if you don’t have plans to use very deep inside water.

    2000 lumens brightness from 3 LEDs, not so bright as some competitors but the main intention is to keep the charged batteries for some time in the unit. 4x 18650 batteries are capable of providing much more bright light, but 2000 lumens will preserve the battery charge for a very long time without the need of recharge.
    Solid build and beautiful finish
    The Torch has a detachable handle, but I’d prefer the torch with handle. Also in the pack an instruction manual and 2 extra (O) sealant rings for water seal. 3 Separate brightness levels can be controlled via aluminium ring. With batteries the Torch weighs approximately 850g. The product images in Amazon product page gives some extra tips on how to open the Torch.

    Overall, one of the best Flashlights I’ve ever owned. Solid build and beautiful finish. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look.

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