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  • Mountaintop 40L Tactical Backpack review

    This is not your ordinary backpack but a MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system weighing little over 0.75Kg, 20.1” height and 15.4” in width. Very strong to carry heavy loads in different ways. Shoulder and hip straps are padded, with padding inside for you to carry your laptop or tablet.

    You don’t have to hesitate in carrying your gadgets in the inner pocket though it’s lightly padded, but the structure itself and back of the backpack is strong and padded. There are plenty of pockets & sleeves all around to carry all your stuff. Just worth to note, the bottom pouch is not a pouch, but just a convenient opening for larger compartment Please be ware while opening - they are there for quick access to something without opening up main pouch from top.

    There is extraordinary attention to detail gone into the construction of this backpack from simple Velcro patches to attach your flag / name tag to countless clips, mollie loops and straps that you need to carry all the stuff you need out in the field.

    The main compartment can hold clothes and necessary items for a weekend trip, with a mesh divider to keep the clothes in place. Also included, zipped pockets on both side and front of the bag - a total of 3 all together, in addition to one of the large main compartment for clothes etc.

    In the centre you have the main padded compartment with a divider to carry books, laptop or laptop. This is moderately protected and surely helps to withstand day to day beating. The size is just right for an everyday backpack with added benefit of using it on field and weekend away. Only one problem for me, is that there is not enough room to carry a pair of trainers.
    MOLLE System
    Around the system there are several buckles, hooks and sleeves to carry items that you need quick access, including your communication systems, solar chargers or binoculars. Heavily padded shoulder and hip straps gives you comfort whilst carrying heavy loads.

    Overall a great MOLLE backpack that surely built to last for sometime. I’ve tested with a laptop sized 13” and 15”, which easily fits into the sleeve. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look

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