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  • JISIWEI i3 Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner review

    Jisiwei i3 Robot vacuum cleaner - it has all the bells & whistles that you can think of from a technology point of view, except Amazon Alexa / Google home integration. Smartphone integration and built in camera are high lights, for sure.

    Robotic Vacuum cleaners are not for everyone, especially when you have carpets and lot of fine dust & dirt. During my test I found that similar amount of dust and dirt on a hard / wood floor will be cleaned 100% by Jisiwei i3, but only up to 85% success with similar dust on carpet floors. Other than that it performs in a similar fashion in both the floors.

    The charging station also acts as the place to rest for robot vacuum. After cleaning it will go back to the charging base by itself. The base is powered by 24V power supply and the robot vacuum cleaner has 2200mAh 14.8 Volt battery built in battery to power the unit. This is powerful enough to use the device up to 2 hours or so (I’ve not verified it accurately, but surely works more than 1 hour)

    Jisiwei i3 has anti collision protection and drop protection technology built into it, so it will not hit hard on delicate surfaces or drop from stairs, tables etc. The unit can be operated in different modes including Manual and automatic cleaning. Automatic mode takes control of the movement its own and move around, clean and return to base based on pre-programmed routines. Manual mode can be controlled either via app or remote control. There is also Spot cleaning and Moping modes.

    All good things
    + Decent build quality
    + Anti Collision and drop feature
    + Spare brushes and HEPA filter
    + Variety of cleaning modes
    + Quieter comparing to similar products
    + Battery capacity
    + Cleaning power and accuracy on hard floors

    Not so good things
    - No batteries in remote
    - Spare cleaning cloth not included
    - APP is not user friendly / stable
    - APP connectivity via secure channels didn’t work

    There are 2 different filters in the system including a HEPA filter. The dust collection container is larger than iRobot’s latest Roomba. The unit hides under the top of the unit, which can be found out by pushing the glass top. The container can be cleaned under water, but not the HEPA filter. there is a replaceable HEPA filter is included.
    Anti Collision & Drop
    And for the Smartphone APP, I managed to download it and connect to the cleaner via direct WiFi connection, but not with home WiFi network. This must be due to the security settings as I may have to turn off all the security settings. I’ll try to test and confirm later after creating a sub Wifi network. With direct connection all works as expected

    Please note that remote doesn’t come with batteries, so be ready with 2x AAA batteries. Overall a decent Robot cleaner as long as you can live with strongly accented voice prompts. Forgot to add, there are 4 brushes included in the pack (only 2 you need). Please do check out the pictures for a closer look.

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