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  • Finether 10W Folding Aluminium Floor Lamp review

    Very very bright dimmable floor lamp with plenty of adjustments .Base and stem are made of brushed steel (or alloy metal) and bronze in colour

    The real beauty is that this will act as a desk lamp without a desk. Sits on the floor with a very heavy base, which is just around 4kg. This can be positioned in various ways including the traditional position of facing towards ceiling for a non directional light or bend sideways / downwards based on your needs.

    The light is dimmable and in warm white. Colour temperature is not adjustable but very pleasant to eyes. Please note that they are non-replicable lights, but do have a very long timespan. 10Watts is good enough to light up a very large room or even a more focussed area if you face down the lamp.

    Best use for me is to use this light as a side light for photo or video shoot in our small setup. No need to open up all the umbrella lighting etc. Very convenient to use as side light or from top of the head facing down without the actual light being in the frame.
    Bronze Colour, Clean finish and Touch button
    Comes in the box a heavy base and light unit. Make sure you use the washers whilst lightning the screws. SMD2835s are the latest LEDs available in the market. 800lux is usually around similar brightness of 60watts bulb or in current standards it’s equivalent to Philips Hue Lux bulbs.

    Overall a very decent and sleek looking light unit, though little pricy. I think it’s due to the LED lights built into it with dimmable feature. Please do check out the pictures to have a closer look.

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