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  • Excelvan 7ft 300 LED Cherry Blossom Tree review

    Well, it’s not Christmas time - but this Excelvan LED tree is really a low energy, beautiful 300 LED with a warm hue. This could give a great ambience in your living room.

    300 LEDs in warm colour with each led wrapped in flower shaped acrylic material. The branches and stem are in black colour, so it disappears in darkness allowing the LEDs to glow by itself. The branches are bendable, so you can be creative in arranging and shaping based on your needs.

    The tree is large, but can be easily adjusted to fit into small spaces & corners. Comes in 3 separate units - the base, the main stem contains branches and LEDs and an extension pole. I’ve not used the extension pole, as I felt it take away the ambience / beauty in short spaces. It might be good if you have tall ceilings.
    300 LED, Warm white colour
    All the wirings are concealed within the branches and stem, so all you see is the branches, stem and flowers. The power consumption is around 4 watts. The stem is made of steel, but wrapped in Vinyl / PVC. The base is standard as any other artificial christmas tree you may have come across.

    Overall a very beautiful tree, looks great and may give good ambience in living room or a wonderful backdrop in your selfie shots / photography. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look

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