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  • AUKEY Wooden LED Desk Lamp review

    AUKEY Wood Desk Lamp - this doesn’t need any introduction for sure. Contemporary and sleek in Scandinavian style wood design with wonderful lighting combination makes this lamp stand out from the rest in overcrowded Desk lamp market.

    This is made of 100% wood, except the pivot mechanism and magnetic catches that holds the actual light unit. The light unit is full detachable from the lamp, including the wiring. The branding and specification is directly printed on to the wood base.

    Specifications says 400 lumens, but considering the light outputs it feels much brighter even without the help of a lamp shade. Also the power specification is 6.4W, so the lamp is capable of giving a much higher output for sure.

    There are various settings and combinations of colour and brightness. 3 different Colour temperatures varying from day white to warm white. Also the brightness can be adjusted in 3 different levels, so you can set the tone to whatever setting you have in the room. I’ve tried on a dark table and white table, I feel it matches well on a white table more than on dark setting.

    Comes in the box 2 separate parts, the base of lamp and the top unit. The top slides into the base and you screw in the base with the supplied screws. Please note that this lamp is powered directly via a power adapter, not with USB cable, so you will lose a power socket.
    Adjustable Colour temperature & Brightness
    This is a medium sized lamp which takes up some space on the desk. Contemporary but classy - that’s what I’d say about this lamp.  Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life situation.

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