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  • AUKEY Black Sparrow Quadcopter Drone review

    AUKEY drones are proprietary design and not just clones of SYMA quads. Some refreshing design that definitely need improvement, but you can expect the usual AUKEY standards.  Not popular as SYMA but very decent configuration and plenty of power to fly around for more than 10 minutes (without crash guards). By no means it is easy to fly this one, but surely take you through first steps on flying a full fledged quad system, familiarise with the controls and functions fully before moving on to bigger quadcopters like DJI Phantom or similar. Please note that this specific version do not have altitude hold but some interesting features, so quickly skim through the manual if the control seems bit unfamiliar to you.

    If this is your first time flying, it is bound to have some crashes - don’t worry. Most of the time damages occurs to the blades. In the pack you get 4 spare blades and if you need more you can get it from amazon for very cheap prices. You may not need it, as the blades / propellers has prop guards (crash guards) and it protects the blades fairly well. The crash guard will not be able to protect if the drone lands upside down or fly into smaller objects, but the chances for this is rare as most of the weight is towards the bottom part of body. Other than tricky situations, the drone has all around protection.

    Batteries and charging is not difficult - the controller takes 4x AA batteries, that you need to supply. AUKEY Black Sparrow quad comes with built in replaceable battery, which can easily be detachable and attach to the supplied USB cable to charge. Batteries are cheaper to buy, so you can charge as many you have, so you will not run out of battery when you are out in the field. So, the biggest advantage is none of these need direct AC supply to charge, so a good battery pack / power pack will solve all the charging needs.

    In the field or outdoors - AUKEY Black Sparrow drone done well for me irrespective of light windy (breeze I’d say) conditions. The drone itself is light weight, but the propellers are strong enough to withstand lighter wind conditions. But if the wind is bit strong, it is almost certain that your drone will fly away.  In flight mode, it’s fairly stable even without Altitude hold feature. Controlling is extremely easy, as you can set the controller response to easy to difficult. Flying time will be around 9-10 minutes depends on how you fly. On a windy day or if you do a lot of manoeuvre or tricks, the flying time will be reduced considerably.

    All good things
    a. One of the Cheapest entry level FPV quad before moving to big ones
    b. Great landing guards and one touch return to base.
    c. Very decent controller, responsive and great ergonomics.
    d. Large and powerful enough to attach Gopro or similar sports cameras.

    Not so great things
    a. New design need improvements
    b. Need large battery

    What could be improved
    a. Crash guards need more strength and new design
    b. Higher capacity battery or a spare battery

    Few points to first time flyers

    a. Set the controller response to lowest, set to headless mode (left to power button)
    b. No altitude hold, so make sure to keep the drone off the ground, which need a bit of practice and once you mastered it, you will never need altitude hold.
    c. Order some extra blades and additional batteries when available for cheaper price.

    Overall one of the best and cheapest beginner Quadcopter, most of the parts are user replaceable and available for cheap in Amazon and other stores. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look. I’ll attach a video soon.

    Amazon UK   -  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LZ8S07X/
    Amazon USA - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZ5PVRM/
    Amazon Canada - https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01LYIGRS6/

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