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  • AUKEY 4 port USB Wall Charger review

    4 charging ports & 1 AC pass through port, you don’t lose any power sockets. Not many bells and whistles, just basic but solid power solution for your USB gadgets. Ground connection is metal unlike the plastic ones I’ve seen in many similar devices.

    You can never have enough USB charging ports and adapters around the house and often need more than one charging ports! Many companies are replacing their traditional charging adapters with USB adapters these days. Even the British Ga smart meter monitor need 5V supply.

    I've been using this AUKEY USB wall socket for a week or so. Comes in box, the adapter itself and a manual. No additional cables included, as this is intended to use with Apple devices or standard USB gadgets

    There are 4 USB ports with 2.4A output (each port) maximum current but only supply a maximum of 6A altogether. Your gadgets may not work correctly if the total power exceeds 6A. Please note that these ports are not Fast Charging enabled, but quick enough to charge your devices, as long as you have a good quality cable.
    You don't lose any AC sockets
    To summarise, just be aware that there are no USB Type-C ports or Qualcomm quick charge feature. Also no USB cable included. Most of the outer shell is matt black, so less prone to fingerprints or dusts.

    Overall a decent wall adapter with 4 USB charging ports 1 AC outlet. 24 Month warranty is included according to the warranty information leaflet. Please check out the pictures for a closer look

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