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  • Aglaia Rechargeable Emergency Flashlight review

    In short, a very tiny light unit with different uses - works as flashlight, emergency light or warning light. Bright enough for smaller range, but considering the size this is surely a handy gadget you can carry around in your backpack.

    Usability is the key here - the light unit has magnetic attachment which will enable it to stick to any metal surface. Also included 2 lanyards if you wish to hang anywhere. The flashlight is rechargeable via Micro USB cable. The built in battery also acts as 5V emergency power source for your smartphones or other gadgets.

    There is a variety of light settings including various brightness modes, warning light and emergency light. Aglaia LT-ET3 measures just 15cm in length and 4cm in diameter.  Specifications says IP68 waterproof, I can only confirm it works in wet conditions.
    Variety of applications
    In the pack you get the light unit, 2 lanyards, a micro USB cable and instruction manual. The main emergency light and flashlight is in Day white colour with temperature approximately 6000k. Brightness is around 380 lumens in its highest setting.

    Overall a very tiny and usable flashlight / emergency light with various choices of lighting. Weather proofing and recharging feature makes it a compelling choice to carry in your backpack. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look.

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