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  • Aglaia Clamp On Swing Arm Desk Lamp review

    A lot of love for this lamp, you can use anywhere you want, clamps on to anything, anywhere as long as the surface has enough grip to hold this clamp. Clamp on to your study or work table or even on kitchen cupboard or workspace. There is also a wall mount adapter included to mount on wall or anywhere you have a vertical surface.

    But please note that colour temperature cannot be adjusted, same goes to the brightness too. This is ideal as work light with massive adjustments in the arms. A very large lamp takes little space on the desk, the light is very focussed and powerful.

    The lamp head is beautiful and large enough to give a round spread just on the table. The head can be adjusted up-down and left-right. Whilst not in use, you can fold it down and put away easily. The light is day white in colour and has approximately 4000k colour temperature. Light consumes around 6.5 watts, but very bright. There is one push switch on top of the lamp to switch on and off the lamp.
    Takes little space from your desk
    Comes in the box fully assembled LED light and the attached power cable. Included also a desk clamp and wall mount insert - the lamp just inserts into the clamp and you can tighten it with the supplied screw. The power adapter is also included. The whole unit has matt black finish - this is big advantage when comes to cleaning.

    Overall a great desk lamp with lot of flexibility in placement and positioning. This is very sleek and elegant looking lamp. I wish to see a white variant of this lamp too. Please check out the pictures for a closer look.

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