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  • Mactrem AT64C Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod Kit review

    Tripods, you can never have enough when you are photo or film enthusiast. Now, in the days of 3 axis gimbals everywhere for every purpose, Tripods have lesser roles at least in some scenarios. Still tripod is irreplaceable in various situations.

    What if, when you have added bonus of mounting Camera in different positions, upside down for ground level shots or even the tripod itself can act as a monopod? Mactrem AT64C is a top end carbon fibre tripod with ball head, coupled with monopod feature.

    This is a very large tripod with height up to 64.5 inch and weight just under 1.9kg. It’s made of Carbon Fibre, legs has twist mechanism and can be turned upside down for ground level shots. All the legs has twist lock mechanism and comes with ball head with a spirit level.

    Quick release plate is of very high quality, easy to attach or detach and has rubber layer on top to avoid scratch on camera base. One of the legs can be detached and attach it to the tripod ball head - converts into a monopod. This is the highlight of the tripod unit in my opinion.

    Mactrem AT64C is a very solid, easy to carry tripod that gives a lot of value for money. Easier to setup and take down without any effort. Monopod feature is the highlight but do have extra stability comparing to cheaper tripods in similar price category. 360 degree swivel fluid head make panning smoother in videos.
    Carbon Fibre Tripod & Monopod kit
    There is also a lightly padded bag included in the pack. This unit has one of the most solid legs I’ve ever seen on top end tripods. Most of the tripod is constructed from carbon fibre and rest of the parts are made of ABS plastic.

    Overall a decent travel tripod, lightweight and durable. Easy to setup and collapse without much effort. Carry bag is decent enough to give enough protection, thanks to its light padding. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look.

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