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  • LED Motion Sensor Wall Light

    In short, well designed compact bright light with motion sensor that can fix to your wall or wardrobe / cupboards. You can set the switch to continuous ON or motion activated. The design of the light gives you a good spread, even good enough to light up stairs, landing or small rooms.

    Motion Sensing wall scone light - surely you have some expectation. On wall it matches with what you expect but there is much more than that. This can be dual powered - rechargeable or normal 4x AA batteries.

    LEDs are hidden but the light reflects through glass. Most of the light filters through the outer ring, there is also a natural refraction of light through the glass disc that means a lot of light through back as well. You will see the difference without mounting on wall vs. mounted on wall
    Sleek and stylish 
    Builtin rechargeable battery is charged via micro USB input, a high quality micro USB cable is included in the pack along with wall mounting plate, screws and double sided pad. There are no AA batteries included (as secondary power source). Please note that the light is day white (4500k colour temperature) and not warm white.

    Overall a beautiful light - very bright but make sure you match the colour temperature of the light with your other lights. Build quality and finish is really good. Please do check out the pictures to have a closer look.

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