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  • Kealive Nano Ionic Facial Steamer review

    Facial steamer - yes they are good for different reasons. Gives a very refreshing skin - at least that’s the basic use, but do help in getting rid of acne and pigmented spots up to some extend.

    Facial steamer is an integral part of skin care. You don’t need regular beauty saloon appointments for treatment as long as you have the basic products and a steamer. As you age the skin regeneration will be slow which causes dull and discoloured skin. The steamer could help the regeneration faster.

    Acne - mainly caused by clogged pores can be effectively reduced with the help of steamer. Steamer can opens up the pores and lift up deep down oil and pollutants. Added aroma oils like tea tree oil will help to get a healthy skin.
    2 settings - Nano Ionic or just Steamer
    Kealive BE-F3 Nano facial steamer is a beautiful device (rather large) woks as just steamer or negative Nano ion mode. First touch on button activates Nano mode and second touch on the same button will function as steamer.

    Every time when you switch on, you will get 40 seconds thick steam pumps through the nozzle and then switch to the desired mode you selected. The nozzle can be adjusted to face you. Depends on the settings you choose and water inside the tank - at one time the steamer can work up to 15 minutes or so.

    Overall a very functional and beautiful device that surely not end up in cupboard. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look

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