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  • Homdox Clothes Organiser

    Homdox Wardrobe - do not expect the sturdiness or strength of a wooden wardrobe or even IKEA wardrobe, but a clothing organiser who has limited space, less patience in organising clothes or move homes frequently.

    Comes in a very small box, some metal rods, clips and attachments. And yes a manual too, you definitely need it to put the closet together. Building up and taking down is just one man job which can be done in 10-15 minutes. The unit is compact, but just perfect for the intended use.

    When you get the delivery, don’t be disappointed as it comes in just as the size of an A2 500 sheet paper pack. Instruction sheet is very clear, just organise the parts into 6 groups. Assemble each shelves first and then attach on top of each other. This would save a lot of time. Also don’t try to push with your hand as the edges of pipes are bit sharp. I got a cut, so careful!
    Easy to build and take down
    The plastic clips / holders need to be fixed uniformly - check out the pictures attached. Don’t worry if you feel the rack is flimsy, but once you have shelves stacked above and secured the unit becomes more solid. Once assembled you will be surprised how solid the unit is.

    Certain things you may need to watch out. Once the weight is on the shelf, you may not try to move the shelf around holding on top shelves. The shelves are not very strong to hold heavy items, but just the clothes. You may have to use some light weight boxes on each self to organise the clothes. I’d suggest to look at IKEA Drona or Skubb boxes.

    Please note that this is not a proper replacement for wooden wardrobe by any standards. But in some scenarios this works better than wood - for example, a house with humid conditions. Overall a decent cloth organiser - light weight, easy to collapse down. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look

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