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  • ZTE AXON MINI 5.2 Inch 1080P FHD 4G Smartphone Review

    In short, this is a small budget android smartphone without losing out many features of flagship phones - feels good in hand, works exactly as any other latest smartphone - not the fastest Chinese brands I tested, but definitely has good standard and build quality irrespective of the cost of the phone.

    Comes with all the latest features including a fingerprint scanner. Also added bonus is pressure sensitive touch panel that is similar to iPhones. Even you use the pressure sensitive feature to setup passwords etc. End to end display for certain apps are great addition in my opinion, please check out first and second pictures to see that in action (Google maps app)

    2800mAh Battery, 1920x1080 Full HD IPS display with 424 ppi pixel density, almost instantaneous finger print sensor, pressure sensitive screen with decent internal specs are the highlights and the negatives are bloatware and leather effect back. Extra layer on stock android gives loads of options to customise but that effectively slows down the pure android experience.

    Comes with Android 5.1.1 preinstalled, fully unlocked and has access to play store to install apps just like any other Android phones. Front face almost matches with Nexus devices with capacitive buttons. Around the bezel and sides definitely unique, I’d say. On the back you have fingerprint scanner, flash and the camera.

    The battery is non-removable. On the sides the buttons are accessible with one hand, but the volume button is on the right side. On the left you have Sim tray that takes either 2 SIMs or 1 SIM and 1 Micro SD card that supports up to 128gb.

    + Decent looking and feels good i hand
    + Large bright 5.2” screen with perfect top and bottom
    + Fingerprint sensor and pressure sensitive touch screen
    + Fast enough for every day tasks
    + 3GB Ram & 32GB Storage space
    +13mp rear camera and 8mp front facing camera (they are surprisingly good)
    + Full HD IPS display
    + Small sized phone for a 5.2” screen size
    + 2800mAh Battery

    - Software layer on top of stock android need improvement
    - Fake leather back and the triangle pattern (personal opinion)
    Decent Specs and budget friendly price
    But for just in the range of £129ish, this phone has a lot to offer. WiFi Upload / Download speed is as fast as my Galaxy S6. No signs of delay or lag anywhere in usual tasks, but struggles with heavy graphic rich content / games. Only mono speaker, but loud enough to hear in small rooms. Audio via headphone jack is really good quality and on par with higher end phones. 2800mAh battery is one of the high light, which is more than enough to get through 1.5 days. The phone doesn’t support fast charging, but charges quick as any other mid ranged phones coupled with decent wall charger and a cable. I’d not trust the bundled charger and cable, though cable looks decent enough. Charging / Data port is Micro USB, cable and charging adapter is included

    Overall, you get a lot from this phone, just in the range of £130 with the highlight of fingerprint sensor, pressure sensitive touch screen, decent screen size and good camera. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks.

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