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  • Molain 5 in 1 Curling Tongs

    Curling Tongs? I can only write from a newbie perspective, so your experience may vary. Need a bit of practice and patience, once mastered this is an excellent beauty accessory. I did bought a curler earlier with a clip, but felt inconvenient to handle it.

    You may not need all the 5 tongs, we ended up using only 9-10mm barrel all the time. First few times it was hard and not produced the expected results but over the time I got better and better and now I’m able to achieve the results daughter wants. She likes tighter and smaller curls/ waves.

    I use very small section of hair closest from the root wrapping around to the thinnest section of barrel. Initially the process needs some effort, but once you become good at it - the process will be quicker, thanks to the 360 degree rotation of cable. We found setting the temperature to 180 degree is enough for daughter’s normal light curly hair.
    Need a bit of practice
    On to the technical side of things, the curler has digitally controlled variable heat adjustments, 5 ceramic barrels in different diameters and a 360 degree rotatable cable. Ceramic barrels can be easily swappable (just press the lock to detach). A set of gloves are included to protect your hands from heat, but you may not need it once you become experienced.

    Quickly heats up
    Variable heat settings for a wider variety of hair
    360 degree rotatable power cable
    Easily replaceable barrels
    5 choice of barrels for different styling

    Learning curve to master the technique
    Luxury packaging costs bit extra over similar products

    Comes in a neat branded white box, ready to gift wrap. I’ve been using this (on daughter’s hair!) for 3 weeks or so without any problem, looks decent and well put together. Overall a decent curler set, that produce results. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks in real life.

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