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  • Bluedio BL Bluetooth Line Review

    Bluedio BL Bluetooth line - this is simply a bluetooth receiver that capable of converting any analogue (powered) speakers to bluetooth streaming capable unit.

    This little unit transforms any old audio devices to bluetooth equipped devices. I’m using it my active studio monitors that only has analogue input. Plugged 3.5mm end into aux input and the USB adapter into a 5v socket to receive power - instantly transformed the monitor capable of accepting bluetooth streaming.

    The quality of playback is really good for its purpose. I use it mainly to stream Google play music and Spotify.The cable is very well terminated with gold plated connectors. There is no interference when plugging in power via USB.
    Need continuous power
    Comparing to many other bluetooth receivers in the market, this is a very simple device but works very well for the intended purpose. The points to note are there is no built in battery and bluetooth receiver is built into USB side of the cable (I assume)

    Overall a good bluetooth receiver in its simplest form and built with high quality components based on latest bluetooth specifications. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life.

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