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  • AUKEY 1080p WiFi Action Waterproof Camera

    In short, a good cheaper alternative to GoPro camera with lot more options and accessories for less than half of the cost. 1.5” screen itself need a mention along with overall build quality and exposure compensation. It does all the intended job very well. Micro HDMI has live video out, that means you can use this as broadcast camera. Tested this featured with my BlackMagic UltraStudio Express to WireCast.

    Not so negative, but worth a mention - there are better spec’d cameras available for cheaper price but AUKEY stands out with better build quality and durability. I’ve been using this camera for a month or so - lot of outdoor testing and as in car camera as dash cam, it still pretty much as new.

    Otherwise, comes in a well presented packaging, the camera itself with waterproof face fixed with loads of accessories that you may ever need! Other than few more surface mounts, chest and head mounts, rest of the accessories are already included. I’d love to highlight few of those - the camera mount. I absolutely loving it, top and bottom has 1/4” standard tripod screw holes, you can directly attach the camera to a traditional tripod without the need of anything. If you need to attach to traditional go pro mounts, you have accessories included. The top screw mount can be used to attach other accessories including a light or flash or external mic

    Every single accessory included is useful and not just fill the “what is included” count. An extra battery is also in the pack, which is the best and useful inclusion in my opinion (after the non-waterproof mount. On that note, with that mount in place, you still have access to every button, including charging, memory slot and micro HDMI.

    On the Software / Firmware side, plenty of settings you can adjust - please do play around with White balance, exposure compensation and HDR. But to start off, straight out of the box tried out other day and uploaded the content to Amazon. Check it out, but please don’t forget to come back and see the difference once I tweak the settings later next week. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. There is a tiny bit of rolling shutter / Jello effect going on, but with careful mount / filters you can get over it up to certain extend.

    + Build Quality
    + Choice of Accessories included
    + Ease of use
    + Loop Recording & Car DVR features

    - Expensive
    - Not highly spec’d as competitors

    Also usually these type of cameras suffer from poor audio quality. I’m not saying this blow your mind away, but a good mic - you can even hear the road / wind / signal noise (check out video footage).

    I’m sure you know the rest of bits - WIFI / 1.5” Screen / iOS & Android APP that can access the card) / Loop recording feature for Car DVR are just few to mention.

    In the video clip below - few things to note. Mounting a camera to car or bike may not give the best picture because of the vibration that caused from roads. Its more obvious when the road surface is not smooth. Also the fixed focus to closer objects is slightly more obvious whilst in night time driving. 

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