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  • AudioMX Wireless RF Headphones

    Wireless RF headphones! These are aimed towards people who want extended range that bluetooth headphones cannot offer. Sennheiser RS series is so successful in this niche for several years. I had an old RS120 to listen to podcast / online seminars whilst wander around home / garden, but recently given up.

    Decided to try out AudioMX as a cost effective option to Sennheiser as prices are creeping up. Just for reference, I always make sure to burn in by playing music in moderate levels for more than few hours continuously before started listening to music, which I always do with speakers, amplifiers & earphones. White colour need a bit of wipe occasionally to keep clean, particularly in the headband area.

    Regarding the setup, I’ve decided to wire this up to WiFi streaming adapter that has Spotify Connect and Apple Airplay features. Connected this adapter to Ethernet, then connect AudioMX base unit. Left the base unit to always on mode, so whenever I want to hear streams just switch on the headphones and select the music / podcast from phone. The phone is only to control and choose the track, but the streaming is directly from WiFi adapter

    Quality of audio is just good enough for music and podcasts, mostly open and clean output without overpowering low or high frequencies. Please do note and aware of the limitations of 2.4Ghz transmission, when it comes to audio. This is a popular channel, but manages to stream signals without any interference.

    Regarding durability, if there is any change in opinion I'll come back and update. The headphone and the base unit are made of plastic, but solid enough to withstand daily use. And for the range, from the base unit to other end of house is 9 metre, then stairs to first floor - in the stairs the signal breaks up, but again solid connection in the first floor. So expect a range of 12-15 metre with obstacles

    In the box, all the cables are included to wire up the unit. The base unit takes 5V / 500ma current, but supplied with a power adapter, if you can find suitable cable you could connect this to your multi socket USB plugs. Headset takes 2x AAA batteries, which are supplied. These are rechargeable batteries, that charges when the headphones are placed on base unit.

    These headphones are light weight, but more than that over ear design allows you to wear the headphones for a longer time without feeling the earbuds pushing the ears towards the skull.  Overall, great pair of over ear headphones - decent construction, comfortable to wear and good sound for the intended purpose. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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