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  • SUBOTECH 25mph High Speed Off Road RC Car

    If you have only used low powered RC this car, this will surely put a smile on your face. This is really a beast with 4 independent high quality suspension on all 4 wheels, that allows to climb or drive on almost any difficult conditions. 2.4Ghz remote has great ergonomics and very responsive. This is indeed a very fast car and able to do a lot of stunts.

    Comes in a very large well presented box, 1:24 Scale Radio Controlled car, the remote control, well written manual and some tools to do maintenance. The body of the car is made of soft ABS plastic that takes a lot of beating. Body is removable without losing out any functionality by taking out the clips.

    The car holds charges well, gives you around 40 minutes or so from single charge. In the remote you need 3x AA batteries and the throttle, steering controls are very response. Car battery comes separately, with a charger. You can use your USB charger to charge the batteries and then insert into car. It is not difficult but not ideal.

    If you haven’t used high powered RC cars, you may find it difficult to control initially, but you get it in your control quickly and able to navigate around quickly. Just need a bit of open space and patience.
    One of the fastest I've tested
    The rubber feel tyres are an absolute joy to look at which is also very functional. Made of soft PVC material, gives a very decent grip and durability (yes, I can say that - been using for a week in all sort of conditions). A wipe with a wet cloth gives the clean and brand new look again. The White and Blue is absolutely beautiful colour combination. One thing to note, the motors and circuit board are protected but not water proof, so careful while using outside in wet conditions.

    Overall I’m really impressed with the car for many reasons, please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real world situation and what you get in the pack. I’ll try to get a video clip, but weather is too bad outdoors these days for a video shoot. Seller supplied the product for testing and QA purposes and it’s my decision to share the thoughts based on my own findings

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