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  • Soarpop 50+5L Waterproof backpack

    This is not a daily backpack that you can carry gadgets or books around, but a proper rucksack that can take in loads of clothes, food, trainers and other bits for a weekend away.

    There are plenty of Zipped pockets, pouches and hidden pockets everywhere. The real highlight is the back. Plenty of padding and spacing for air flow. The straps go around the waist is so comfortable when carrying heavy loads. Also there are hooks, clips and belts to hang around things that need immediate access.

    No padding inside if you think of using it for your laptop or tablet. I’m sure if you plan to take on this type of bags, your gadgets are heavily protected in its own bag cases. There are countless clips and straps that you need to carry all the stuff you need out in the field.

    The main compartment can hold clothes and necessary items for several days, also includes a pouch and zipped pocket to keep your valuable separately. Top lid can hold food or similar things that you need quick access. On both sides, you have netted pouches for carrying water bottles and in the bottom, there is a separate plastic bag to wrap the whole backpack to protect from rain or similar situations.

    In the front you have 2 pockets, and another 3 in the back including the pouches on the waist strap. Rain protection cover is in the bottom of the backpack. There are plenty of straps and clips to keep the bag in shape and hang small items. Also there is an internal frame to keep the bag in shape, the frame is thin and light weight yet very strong.
    Very large, but stays in shape
    Overall a very decent bag, but please note that there is no metal frame or any stability frame included as may have seen in some other bags. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks. Seller supplied the backpack for testing and QA purposes and it’s my decision to share the thoughts based on my own findings

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