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  • GSWORDY Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor with Power Bank

    You get one speaker in the pack, but if you need stereo surround sound - you have to buy 2 speakers. I’ve seen and used a variety of bluetooth speakers from Amazon, at least one always goes through the testing environment every week. This speaker looks like something like one of the subwoofer I owned several years ago (branded SVS Cylindrical subwoofer). The colour is mentioned as Silver, but surely it’s Grey / Brown colour.

    Straight plunging into audio quality, sounds a lot better than many other bluetooth speakers out there. Balanced open sound throughout the sound spectrum, You may be slightly confused how to place. Volume down button facing towards you in standing mode is the correct way. Not sure how the speakers are fitted inside, sounds okay in the position I mentioned.

    Note to bass lovers / heads: This is again a small speaker, more treble focussed sound, there is no active separate bass driver, no passive driver either. The bass goes down to 100Hz or so, but it would have helped a little more with more powerful amp. So don’t expect a lot of bass, but a great design for bass prominent speaker, but its all down to how the speaker driver is placed and air displacement.

    Sits beautifully on desk, blends in easily with other gadgets or devices on desk in upright position. The speaker also acts as power bank - has USB out to charge your 5v devices in case of emergency. Micro USB and 3.5mm flat cable is supplied with the speaker unit.

    Comes pre-charged, pairing up takes just less than 15 seconds or so. You have to force the speaker to enter into pairing mode by pressing the play button. If you have heard other bluetooth speakers and considering the cost, you will not be disappointed.
    Stereo Pair Configuration gives extra depth and dimension
    Stereo pairing / 3D sound: Not 100% sure, this setup separates left and right channel accurately but surely you will get the feeling of Stereo / 3D sound with lot more power than a single speaker. To configure for stereo pair, you have to power on both the devices together and then vol- of one speaker and vol+ of second speaker will pair the speakers and allow to play the track to both the speakers. You need only connect the host speaker (main speaker) to the smartphone or bluetooth transmitter unit. You can decide on which speaker to act as host speaker as well by a long press on play button force that speaker to allow connections.

    Back to technology, the speaker comes with Bluetooth 4.0 profile and supports 3.5mm input as well. There is no NFC pairing included. Bluetooth pairing is almost instant. Not accurately tested, but with heavy listening at loud audio levels the speaker survives though 1-2 days without charging.

    Few tips:

    a. Keep the speaker in ear level for a more open sound.
    b. Just to be aware the limitation of tiny speakers ability of bass reproduction, particularly for those who are bassheads.

    Overall great speakers with a clean and elegant look, blends into your other furniture / gadgets easily. Please check out the pictures if you wish to see a closer real life look. GSWORDY supplied the speakers for beta testing & QA and the thoughts shared are based on my own experience in various test conditions.

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