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  • CARCHET TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring Intelligent System

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - one less thing to worry, when get into the car! No need for frequent visits to petrol stations or even taking out your own pressure gauge and test all 4 tires.

    It might be intimidating when you see the contents in the box and reading the manual, but actually you don’t need any skills to install this TPMS kit. All 4 pressure monitor valves are clearly labelled and easy to screw in. Just make sure, first the nut has to go in all the way to the end of the thread and then the TPMS Valve.

    Make sure you have the TPMS screen powered on by plugging into 12V cigarette socket. It’s Micro USB type cable at one end, but don’t assume (like me) the unit will get power from a 5V USB adapter. You need full 12V supply goes in and the supplied power cable is needed for that. This is going to be difficult for those who only has one 12V Cigarette socket. I’ll be looking out for the best solution, please ask me in comments box, if you don’t see any further update here in the review. Most likely I’ll be taking a 12V direct feed from fuse box.

    Just do a clean wipe along the the thread of tyre valve, insert the nut and tighten the TPMS valve just by hand. Do not try to over tighten. Then turn the nut anti clockwise to tighten. Spray a bit of soap water on to the new installation to check any air leakage. Repeat the process on other 3 wheels as well.
    Peace of mind
    It would be a good idea to check the pressure and top up before you install the TPMS kit, so you can get an overall picture on what you can expect. I’ve checked the pressure before installing and all corrected, still after installation there is a 1 PSI difference in front tyres, otherwise all looks good.

    And the monitor, I’ve not decided where to install but most likely on the dash with the supplied velcro or a DIY magnetic attachment. If there are any major concerns I’ll come back and update ASAP. Overall a very useful gadget, easy to install and you can monitor what’s going on in real time.

    Make sure tighten the nut in anticlockwise

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