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  • BMOUO 10M SMD 5050 LED Strip Lights Kit

    You will get every thing you need for the installation. Self adhesive back makes your job quicker to stick in appropriate places, remote control can set to a wide array of colours and patterns.

    LEDs are 5055 SMDs, very bright to light up the room - much more than just a mood light. They are superior than SMD 3528, but less effective than 2835 - but widely used in light strips. These lights are widely used under Kitchen cabinets or over cabinets. Also great for accent lighting in living room.

    Comes in the box, 2 reels of self adhesive LED strips each 5m in length, interconnects themselves without the need of an adapter gives you full 10metre in length. This will be enough to cover most of the living room in full length. I’m not sue where will I install this, but most likey over the kitchen cabinets .

    Also included 2 connection adapters, remote controller unit and the remote control with battery. There is also a 5A 12V power brick and power cable included. The build quality of the light strips are really good, with decent quality self adhesive tape in the back.
    Plenty of applications
    Remote control is responsive though surely not going to respond from the other end of 10th metre. LED strips can be joined together, you don't need anything extra to do that, just plug in. Lights get slightly warmer after an hour or so, but nothing alarming.

    Please check out the pictures, that may give you an overall idea on how it looks in real life (taking into consideration of Camera limitations)

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