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  • Bluedio Victory Pro PPS12 Drivers Wireless Bluetooth headphones

    This Bluedio Victory is one of the decent headphones I ever used. Built from high grade Alloy metal combined with high grade plastic in black matt colour makes more attractive. Really a trendy headphone that goes in line with Beats or similar line but with superior build quality. There are no physical buttons, but just touch sensors for basic configuration and navigation.

    I’ve been using this extensively for more than a week. I wanted to make sure to offer the most accurate opinion of these headphones in short span of time. Made sure to burn in by playing music in moderate levels for more than few hours continuously before started listening, which I always do with speakers, amplifiers & earphones. Bluedio claims there are 12 drivers - this cannot be verified, but the soundstage is definitely wider and full though not a direct competitor for open back headphones!

    Highlights are 12 drivers, touch screen navigation and optical connection - a unique feature.

    Regarding durability, if there is any change in opinion I'll come back and update. But for a wired headphone, I don't think opinion will change unless there is a problem with build quality. On the bluetooth side of things, they works pretty well to, just powering on takes the headphone into pairing mode.
    Bluetooth, 3.5mm and Optical inputs
    Designed to fit into modern on the ear headphones style, good looking in matt black high grade soft touch plastic headphones with chrome linings. Comes with really good quality audio cable and Micro USB cabe. Built in microphone for the hands free function for both android and iOS works very well. There is a bit of polished black in the other body, not a lot to clean up.

    Sound Quality and sonic signature is really personal taste, I’ll try to compare with my Audio Technica ATH-M50X, Sennheiser HD595 and Adam A77X studio monitors. On head or holding, ATH-M50X feels like a toy and plastic. And with music, Bluedio Victory headphones are definitely coloured. This is understandable considering the target audience of the headphone balancing with the quality. Bass is prominent and easily noticeable if you are coming from an AKG / Audio Technica or Grade headphones. For some reason I felt bluetooth streaming quality is much better comparing to the wired connection. Worth to mention, bass is heavy on these headphones. But optical connection gives a more open sound and wider sound stage

    For R&B / POP, Electronic music and Hip Hop this headphones has a commanding lead comparing to many similar headphones in the same price range. You will definitely going to have a smile on your face when you hear the bass. You get that low rumbling bass, crystal clear highs and not so great mid tones. I only can compare to my SONOS Play:5 II / ATH-M50X here - Bluedio Victory headphones gives a similar movie style bass still retains a bit of openness of midrange or the sonic signature of other Bluedio audio products.

    Did a lot of Classical music listening through the headset, mainly romantic and 20th Century era - Paganini Etudes & Chopin nocturnes sounds convincing but need more authenticity. I think these headsets are designed with more focus on modern music, Dance & Electronic music in particular. Tested out some incredible remixes of Beyonce’s Flawless and Drake’s Controlla sounds absolutely wonderful. Also tried out some of Alan Walker’s Sing Me To Sleep & FADED which I felt wrapped up in the music. Yes, the Bluedio Victory headphones delivered an authentic sound, though slightly coloured. The transitions are smooth and convincing. DJs and EDM composers are going to love this headphones. I’ve handed over to a famous DJ in London to seek his opinion - got a generally positive feedback, though the headphone could be louder in noisier environment.

    Few notes: The headphone is slightly quieter comparing to other over the ear headphones. These headphones are heavy, but more than that over ear design allows you to wear the headphones for a longer time without feeling the earbuds pushing the ears towards the skull. Individually you can twist the headphones sideways, which makes easier to use one headphone to listen to the tracks you mixing or playing - comes in handy for DJs for sure.

    Overall, great pair of over ear headphones - Solid construction, comfortable to wear and great sound, bass in particular. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks. Bluedio supplied the Victory headphones for testing and QA purposes and it’s my decision to share the thoughts based on my own findings

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