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  • Bestidy 10 Piece Professional Makeup Brushes

    Designed in toothbrush style, inspired from MAC Masterclass series set of brushes. Easier to hold, large surface area are the highlights

    The difference from standard brushes is the way the handle is designed and how we hold. Daughter thinks she can get much closer to the mirror whilst applying make up. Also you will get more bristle surface area will get in contact with skin, which makes easier and uniformity with this design. Also, worth to mention about the control you get comparing to traditional brushes.

    Not going into detail on what each brushes do, as it clearly written in user manual with specification and usage. But you will get everything you need including brushes for Powdering, countering, Blush, Foundation, concealer, eye makeup and lips.

    The Box is closed and secure by a magnetic catch to ensure the makeup brushes are secure whilst you carry around. The box is almost like a gift box, so it would make a great item to wrap up and pass on as gift.
    Ergonomic design
    Cleaning and maintenance instructions are also included, definitely with a read. Brushes has protective coating, so don’t try to use large amount of soap or attempt to blow dry the brush which might damage the coating.

    Overall wonderful set of brushes in great packaging. Please check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.  Seller supplied this brush set for usability test and opinion shared is based on our own households experience

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