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  • BearMoo MCH Hair Straightening Brush

    In short, straight out of the box you feel the quality. Heats up quickly, small screen shows what’s going on with temperature and allows you to adjust it according to the nature of your hair.

    The brush is little heavier than the average brush you own, but quickly heats up and can be adjusted to 10 ifferent heat settings for different types of hair. In my opinion, these are better option in many ways than traditional straighteners. This easily combs through the frizzy hair and gives a healthy and natural looks without much effort. Simply put together, this brush will make your life easier to manage your hair

    Comes well packaged, the brush itself with cable and UK plug attached and Manual. The cable cannot be detached but that’s not a concern as the clever 360 degree free rotation of the cable keeps it untangled all the time. Brush is heavy, looks like plastic but something very durable, probably ceramic or heat resistant ABS plastic.

    Power and temperature setting can be controlled via buttons on the side and a small display on the top will tell you on what temperature the brush is running. Heats up so quickly, so be careful with your hands. Power rating is only 70watts or so it won’t use much of your electricity. I’m not familiar with the term, but MCH / Metal Ceramic Heating technology allows the brush to heat almost instantly.
    Heats up instantly, easy to use
    This is tested by daughter mainly who has a very long hair, we found very comforting and painless when combs through knots . For shorter hair this may not be as effective as long hair. Matt black material keeps the brush a better clean look without much dust and finger prints.

    Overall very good hair brush with ergonomic design. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life situation. Bearmoo sent the brush for testing and QA purposes and it’s my decision to share the thoughts based on my own findings.

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