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  • AUKEY 16000mAh Micro USB & Type-C Solar Power Bank

    This is a proper brick - that’s what I felt when I saw this first time. Sharp edges and corners and almost like straight to the point. Heavy and large for a 16,000mAh battery pack, but the powerful solar charging panel will compensate for that. Definitely feels expensive in hand.

    I’ve few solar chargers that I use to light up 5V bedside reading lamps and USB fan I use. Though not a real life field test, I’ll get a fairly decent idea on how this AUKEY performs agains other solar chargers. This charger is considerably larger and heavier than the other chargers I have used. Due to the sharp edges, it has enough grip on a flat surface or in hand.
    On a sunny day, it took around 5 hours to charge the battery pack in full. which is much more than the other chargers. They never get fully charged even on a whole day out in Sun. In the night when plugging in bedside lamp AUKEY has no problem in surviving through few nights with the USB devices with slow current.

    There are 2 USB outputs - one standard port which is Qualcomm QC 3.0 certified for fast charging. The second one is USB Type-C port which is very handy for Type-C phones and other devices. When it comes to inputs, this pack is head and shoulders above anything I’ve ever used. 3 inputs - Micro USB, USB Type-C or Solar charging. I’ve tested all these and charges effortlessly. Solar charging need good sunshine otherwise it will be very slow and may need several days to get this unit fully charged.
    Micro USB, USB Type-C and Solar inputs
    In the box, just the solar power bank, a USB cable and manual. The USB cable included is of high standard and make sure you use it with your QC 3.0 supported devices for faster charging. Overall a very decent solar power bank, works efficiently and saves some 0.££ for sure. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks. AUKEY supplied the Power pack for testing and QA purposes and it’s my decision to share the thoughts based on my own findings

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