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  • AUKEY Desk Lamp Rechargeable Portable LED Lamp

    In short, straight out the box reminiscence of old Transformer movie - this is a genius design. Simple, sleek and very effective.

    This light is sleek and modern looking in every possible way. Constructed with matt aluminium finish, hinges are strong enough to retain the shape without collapsing down after a while, sleek power button and finally the light itself.

    The light has 2 different brightness settings and in day white colour. Not overly bright - but just 150 lumens and consumes only 3 watts of electricity. Built in battery gives 3 hours of continuous light in day white colour (6000 K - colour temperature)

    In the box you get the light unit, Micro USB charging cable and an instruction leaflet. In collapsed state the light is just little longer than a KitKat bar, but slightly thinner. Charging port is slightly in inconvenient location, but I can live with that.
    Great design, folds into the size of a KitKat
    I can think of countless number of applications with this little light. Ideally it should sit on a modern desk, but can be used in different situations. Just use your imaginations. There is no colour temperature adjustments on this light, but the light is uniformly distributed for a pleasant experience.

    Overall a great light, that you will surely use it for a while. Please do check out the pictures to see some of my ideas with the light.  AUKEY supplied the desk light for testing and QA purposes and it’s my decision to share the thoughts based on my own findings

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