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  • AUKEY Car Dashcam Camera Full HD 1080P 170 degree

    In short, this is a dedicated car dash camera that logs your driving footage to micro SD card. Fits perfectly along with rear-view mirror and hides away under the “frit” / black dots. You get excellent daylight recordings and good night time recordings.

    AUKEY dash cam is a serious step up from several of the cameras I tested except Mobius action cam. Few words about Mobius - installed in the car in early 2013. Produced excellent results day and night, helped in various occasions to prove my stance against bad drivers. Why consider or recommend another Dash cam? Accessibility to Micro SD card and no display screen are the main reasons - I’m always worried whether the camera is recording or the angle of camera is correct or not. Also battery is started playing up, some clips are not getting saved.
    170° Wide angle lens
    DR01 from AUKEY is not based on batteries, but Super capacitors - they are the best for any electronic devices out in extreme weather. Also Super capacitors has no chemical process involved in storing or generating power, which is much safer too. It takes Micro SD cards sized up to 128gb and equipped with 170 degree wide angle lens. 2” LCD screen is good enough for positioning the correct frame and ensuring the camera is working fine. G-Sensor and motion sensing feature are handy but if you are in continuous loop recording mode these 2 features can be ignored.

    In use: On a sunny or bright day, this camera produces one of the best footages and very decent footage on a cloudy day too. In the night you can make out what’s going on and able to read the number plates when they are close. Just watched the clip again, I think they are very good but could have been better. Even minor vibrations causes blurry images and that will be too obvious in night time clips. I’ll try again the mount clip with some cushioning and see how it goes. If you wish to see the footage, feel free to ask I’ll post the links to clips in comments section. But overall wonderful daytime and very good night time footage

    In the box you get the Camera, a very long angled USB cable, USB to 12V charging adapter, 2 extra heavy duty sticky pads, 3 cable clips and decent manual. The cable is long enough to run through A-piller for a completely hidden installation. You can use the suction cup mount until you figure you where exactly you want to mount. The 3M heavy duty sticky pads will easily mount on to the black dots / frit around the rear view mirror.

    Overall very good dual camera setup, also plenty of pictures attached to see how it looks in real life situation. I’ll get some video uploaded soon after a motor way drive next week. Aukey sent the camera for beta testing and the thoughts shared are based on my own experience in various test conditions

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