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  • AUKEY 21W FM Bluetooth Speaker with Mic, Reverb and Subwoofer

    I’e seen and used a variety of bluetooth speakers from Amazon, but this is completely different to anything I’ve seen - but comparable to the original boom box that usually see in dance halls. Larger than average bluetooth speaker, only has 21 watts in total but sounds way louder than we expect. The problem? This has to be considered as a fun speaker that goes very loud with some bells and whistles including bluetooth & Karaoke / PA functionality.

    Note to bass lovers / heads: This is again a small speaker, though comparing to counterparts it’s large. but only 21 watts, you have to take this into consideration. The box is tuned and has bass reflex port, but to push air through the non-sealed design, you need driver displacement to move air that requires more power to subwoofer driver. It’s worth checking out the pictures of actual drivers (ask me if you don’t see attachments)

    The tubular design helped a lot in keeping it louder for sure. One one end you have all the controls and 2 small drivers pumps out 2x 3 watts and on the other side you have 1 subwoofer with 15 watts power. Bass is non-directional, so you can put this side down to keep the speaker in upright position. I personally love that way (check the pics please.)

    Comes pre-charged, pairing up takes just less than 30 seconds or so - put Beyonce - Lemonade full album for a spin. I’ve heard this recently on many different systems, so easy to compare the aspects. All the richness, sheer power, emotions and vocal colour coupled with the modern instruments and techniques used in the album can put any speakers to real test. AUKEY SK-M17 speaker held up very well but lacks full spectrum of sound. There is a sense of feeling that something is missing, but that’s surely because of the size and metallic grills - in my opinion.

    Moved on to some incredible EDM tracks - you will get that sense of bass even in lower levels and goes all the way up without any distortion, still not enough for such a large speaker. The limitation of AMP shows off when you go higher levels. Bass always shines through when you have more air displacement.
    Mic input, Reverb and Bass control
    Comes with Bluetooth and handsfree connectivity. 5200mAh battery gives you plenty of juice for several hours of playing. I think this speaker should be considered as a candidate for house parties or alternate option to Karaoke machines. Included a dynamic mic which can be plugged into the speaker. There are 2 mic inputs. Reverb / Delay effect can be added for a pleasant listening experience. Backing track can be played via AUX input on the speaker. There is also a FM tuner included. Bass can be controlled via separate knob on the speaker.

    Few tips:

    a. Keep the speaker in ear level for a more open sound.
    b. Please the tweeters facing towards you for a pleasant listening experience, both the tweeters and bass reflex ports are fixed on the same panel.
    c. Just to be aware the limitation of speakers ability of quality bass reproduction, particularly for those who are bassheads.

    Overall great speakers with a wonderful look and finish, rugged / military styled and matches with the traditional style of a boom box. Please check out the pictures if you wish to see a closer real life look. AUKEY supplied the speakers for testing and QA purposes and it’s my decision to share the thoughts based on my own findings

    Inside view (2 pictures below)

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