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  • August WS300 Multiroom Wireless Airplay Speakers

    My new favourite? Yes! Size vs quality, nothing can match for sure. In my opinion - if the speaker can make you believe what you are hearing, the job is almost done. 4000mAh battery and USB out for Charging coupled with plenty of connectivity options including a USB playback.

    Not saying this is a direct replacement of SONOS or similar speakers, but for me - cutting the power cord is the highlight of the speaker. I've been using this for past 7 days and so far worked brilliantly.

    The Sound
    This speaker sounds exactly you want to hear. No matter your musical tastes and genre is, whether you are a bashed or not - this speaker delivers the music. Quality of audio is clean and open, no colouring though slightly mid forward, lows and highs are just accurate. Bass is tight and fast for music, highs are crystal clear without being metallic or dull.

    Comes pre-charged, just tapped the phone and connected via NFC - put Adele 25 full album for a spin. Most accurate voice I can think of to test the openness of an Amp / Speaker combination. All the richness, sheer power, emotions and vocal colour reflected through the WF300 speakers without much difference comparing to ATH-M50X headphones, though bass is noticeably quiet . All you need to do is to make sure, the speaker is in your ear level and has some isolation between speaker and wall. Frequencies between 8k 12k hertz are slightly prominent, I’d say 3 to 5db or so - otherwise almost flat all the way down to 100 hertz.

    Moved on to some incredible remixes of Rihanna’s BBHMM, you will get that sense of bass even in lower levels and goes all the way up without any distortion or cabin vibration. Bass is less prominent but okay if you are not a bass head. Bass always shines through when you have more room inside the speakers to design with. Because of the passive subwoofer design, bass response is supposed to have a slow response but smaller radiator holds it tighter.

    Again came back with some classical music to see how it performs. Played all Chopin etudes Opus 10 in one go. Once again some great performances there, with rich, open and warm sonic signature. Other than the etudes, Nocturne in C Sharp minor is nostalgic in many ways, the little speaker reproduced all the emotions that I seek from that music.

    Back to technology, a self contained tiny speaker almost the size and shape of a brick. Comes with Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and WiFi connectivity. You can completely skip the app based configuration, just make sure you have 2.4ghz WiFi connectivity enabled in your router. Once turned on and WiFi is activated, press the WPS button on speaker first and then the WPS again on your router will allow the speaker to connect to your home network.
    Multiroom Setup, Airplay & Spotify Connect
    This will opens up most of the streaming services including Apple Airplay, Spotify Connect, Tunein Radio, iHeart Radio and lot more. There is no Google Play music or Deezer support. The speaker will appear directly in Spotify device list along with other WiFi connected devices (screen shot attached).

    Multiroom Setup
    When you have more than one device from August like WS300 or WS150, you need the August Alink app for multi-room setup. Individually all speakers appear in Spotify but not multi  room playback. August Alink allows you to stream same music through all the speakers or separate channels through different speakers. ie. 2 speakers can form a single stereo setup with left and right channels.

    In the box
    The WS300, almost looks like a brick but a perfectly built (yes, perfect!) speaker with 4000mAh battery, several connectivity and streaming choices. Also the built in USB port allows to play music directly from USB storage. Also included USB charging cable and a 3.5mm cable along with instruction manual.

    Few tips:
    a. Keep the speaker in ear level for a more open sound.
    b. Try to put closer to WiFi router for stable connectivity as the system completely relies on the WiFi from router.
    c. Just to be aware the limitation of small speakers ability of bass reproduction, particularly for those who are bassheads. Still one of the best I heard so far.

    Overall great speakers with a wonderful look and finish. Really heavy and rugged.  Please check out the pictures if you wish to see a closer real life look. August supplied WS300 for testing and QA purposes and it’s my decision to share the thoughts based on my own findings

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