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  • AudioMX Open Back Professional Headphones

    Open back headphones - Audiophiles love it! Sill remember the embarrassing moment of every one in office looking at me on my first day with Sennheiser HD595. I always loved the openness and clean bass of open back headphones.

    I’ve been using AudioMX open back headphones extensively for more than a week. I wanted to make sure to offer the most accurate opinion of these headphones in short span of time. Made sure to burn in by playing music in moderate levels for more than few hours continuously before started listening, which I always do with speakers, amplifiers & earphones.

    These are over the ear headphones, gives a good separation of sound from outside world. Regarding durability, if there is any change in opinion I'll come back and update. But for a wired headphone, I don't think opinion will change unless there is a problem with build quality. Headphone itself is of good quality and made of ABS plastic, the cables are terminated very well with reinforced mouldings.

    Sound Quality and sonic signature is really personal taste, I’ll try to compare with my Sennheiser HD595 and SONOS. On head or in hand, AudioMX is closer to Audio Technical ATH-M50X. And for audio quality like some well known branded headphones (not beats), this definitely reproduces true to original sound. There is no sound colouring in my opinion.

    Tried out a variety of genre of music through this headphones including Classical, Soul / R&B and EDM. Tested out some incredible remixes of Rihanna’s BBHMM and Drake’s Controlla sounds absolutely wonderful. Also tried out some of Alan Walker’s Sing Me To Sleep & FADED which I felt wrapped up in the music. Very open and natural without any colour or harsh bass. The transitions are smooth and convincing.
    Open back headphones
    Same goes to some of my favourite R&B / Soul tracks including some of Jennifer Hudson’s covers, Beyonce’s new album Lemonade and Andra Day’s Rise Up. All the richness, sheer power, emotions and vocal colour reflected through AudioMX headphones. You will surely hear more detail, if you have .FLAC / lossless audio tracks in your library.

    Overall, great pair of over ear open back headphones - light weight construction, comfortable to wear and great sound. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks. Seller sent the headphones for testing and QA purposes and it’s my decision to share the thoughts based on my own findings

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