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  • Amagle Motion Activated Lights Strip

    This is not another strip light, all in one solution with motion sensor, light strips and power adapter. Nothing fancy here, but clear bright white self adhesive light stip.

    These are decent lights with high quality thick 3m tape with LED strip attached at one end. The light is not exactly warm white, but closer to day white or more exactly 4000k or so. But it’s perfectly good and nice colour tone. The LED units could have bit more dimmer with more number of LEDs but again, it serves the purpose.

    Each strip is metre in length and has male pin attached to it. The pin goes into the motion sensor, which gets power from the supplied power adapter. There is also a splitter cable included, if you bought double strip light. So the connection will the Power adapter to splitter cable and the splitter cable to motion sensors. Other end of motion sensors should be connected to strip lights.

    You don’t need any skills to install this light under the bed or anywhere you wish. Please note that I’m writing based on the double light strip I got, so your experience may vary if you got a single light. I’ve had planned to install in my dad’s room but then the plan changed to install on the stairs. Stuck the strip lights through the edge of skirting board on the steps, installed motion sensors at both ends and plugged the cable into the wall socket in the landing. Installing motion sensors at both ends helped to find movement in top or bottom of the stairs.
    Motion sensing, Self adhesive light strips
    Comes in the box, 2x light strips, 2x motion sensors, a splitter cable and a power adapter. As the entire strip is attached to thick tape, it feels more stronger than just thin strips I’ve seen. Overall very beautiful and strong light strips. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks. Forgot to add, double sided tapes are supplied to attach motion sensor to smooth surfaces.

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