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  • Aglaia 3W Clip-on USB Desk Lamp

    A lot of love for this lamp, you can use anywhere you want, clips on to anything, anywhere as long as the surface has enough grip to hold this clamp. Clip inside your wardrobe, dressing desk, study or work table or even on kitchen cupboard hands. Also I use this as an energy saving alternative to big lights, when I sit in a large room.

    Selfie addicts, you can clip somewhere and bend the lamp towards you before taking a selfie, you will get a much better shot. But please note that colour temperature cannot be adjusted, same goes to the brightness too. This is ideal as work light.

    I love any lamps that support USB adapters. This light can be adjusted to position you like as the gooseneck is pretty long and strong enough to hold the lamp in desired position. The light is day white (not stark white) but definitely pleasing to eyes.

    Light consumes just 3Watts, but very bright. There is one touch switch on top of the lamp to switch on and off the lamp. USB cable as plenty of length to reach out to your USB power adapter, battery pack or laptop
    Nice spread and Colour temperature
    Comes in the box LED light and the attached USB cable to power from any USB adapter. Very contemporary and elegant looking lamp, yet very bright and very close to day white colour temperature. The whole unit has matt black finish - this is big advantage when comes to cleaning. Though clip-on is the main way of fixing the unit, but there are screw holes around the clip if you want to hang on a wall or elsewhere.

    Overall a great desk lamp with lot of flexibility in placement and positioning. I’ve clamped on to bedside table as reading light. Please check out the pictures to see how elegant these lamps are. Aglaia supplied this lamp for testing purposes and opinion shared is based on my own experience and testing environment / equipments.

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